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Find lots of flights, both local and international, on Ixigo. Compare prices and pick the best times. Check in easily and get real-time updates on your flight status, gate changes, and luggage details. Use the ‘Fare Calendar’ to find the cheapest flights for the month at a glance.


Use Ixigo’s train booking platform to check train availability, times, and prices. Get estimated delay times to save time. Set alarms to know when your train is coming. Ixigo refunds cancelled or missed trains within just 2 hours.


Explore Ixigo’s bus booking platform for lots of options across India. Use easy filters to find what you need. Pick your seats, see bus pictures and ratings, and book tickets easily. Track buses in real-time and know when they’ll arrive.


Find lots of hotel options through Ixigo, no matter your budget. Get info on each hotel and its amenities, read reviews, and compare prices. Get personalized recommendations based on your searches. Planning your next vacation is easy with these affordable services. And don’t forget to check out Skybag for great deals on backpacks!

Explore Travel Deals with Ixigo

Discover fantastic offers for your travels:

  1. Sign-Up Offers: Join Ixigo’s newsletter for exclusive discounts and updates on special offers.
  2. All Offers Section: Check out Ixigo’s ‘Offers’ section for amazing discounts on your trips.
  3. Membership Benefits: Become a member to access extra discounts and enjoy perks like easy cancellations.
  4. Refer and Earn: Invite friends to download the Ixigo app and earn rewards.
  5. Bundle Deals: Save money with bundle deals on Ixigo.

Flight Offers on Ixigo

  • Bank Offers: Get up to 12% off on domestic flights with select bank credit cards.
  • Ixigo Flying Rewards: Sign up for rewards to find cheap flights and potential upgrades.
  • Group Bookings: Enjoy special discounts for group bookings.
  • Ixigo Mobile App: Download the app for more flight offers and exclusive deals.

Best Deals on Packages

Use the Trip Planner to compare prices and get alerts on your phone with the Ixigo app.

Buses and Trains Bookings

Book buses and trains easily with Ixigo’s platform. Check seat availability and get predictions on wait-listed tickets.

Explore Ixigo’s services used by over 7 million travelers in India and enjoy benefits like flight coupons.

Ixigo Coupons and Deals

Can I get free flight tickets with my Ixigo coupons?

Yes, you can get free flight tickets worth Rs.5000 using the promo codes on their website.

Are there any promo codes for Ixigo users?

Yes, Ixigo offers several vouchers for discounts on domestic and international flights and hotels.

What’s the best offer from Ixigo?

Ixigo has various special deals, but one of the best is Rs.500 off on flight bookings with specific bank cards.

What are the most popular Ixigo deals and coupons?

Ixigo offers discounts like up to Rs 500 off on flights and hotels, 20% off on hotel bookings, Rs 1000 off on Gujarat domestic flights, and up to Rs 600 off on Kolkata domestic flights.

Does Ixigo have other discounts?

Yes, Ixigo provides discounts for special occasions, specific payment methods, certain travel products, and early bookings.