Flight Ticket Discounts On Lot Airlines

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Flight Ticket Discounts On Lot Airlines

Every opportunity to make savings is good! Learn more about available discounts and fly around the world at even better fares.

Discounts for infants

infant discount on flights

Are you travelling with a child?

Take your child on board and book a ticket with a 90% discount!

Children under the age of two who do not require a separate seat on board are eligible for the discount. During the flight, a newborn must be fastened with a specific seat belt on the lap of the person in charge.

A single adult traveller may travel with two babies. The other infant must take an additional seat next to the person in charge.

On the Boeing 787 Dreamliners, you may hire a unique bassinet for newborns to use throughout the journey.

Discounts for children

Discounts for children on lot air lines

Are you planning a family vacation?
Check out the deals and save 25% on your next trip!

Is your child going on a solo trip? Children aged 5 to 12 can fly alone with an adult thanks to the help offered by LOT flight attendants.

A youngster travelling alone without an adult is not eligible for the discount. Additional fees apply.
Certain rates, particularly promotional and special fares, are exempt from these discounts. Contact the sales office and the LOT Contact Centre for further information on special discounts.

Baggage discounts

Baggage discounts on lot airlines

Book early, pay less

Use the Extra Baggage service and save up to 20%!

Contact us to take this special offer up to 24 h before your scheduled departure time.

The My Extra Baggage service is available in the “Manage my booking” tab and at the LOT Contact Center, LOT Offices and Agent Offices.


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