The Conforama Mattress 72-Hour Flash Sale Is Here!

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Conforama Mattress
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The Conforama Mattress 72-Hour Flash Sale Is Here!

Rest Easy, Spend Less: Conforama Mattress Limited 72-Hour Event!

Conforama mattress

Conforama Mattress


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Hurry! Only a 72-hour promotion

From the 28th to the 30th of December

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Conforama Mattress

Conforama Mattress offers superior comfort and support, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep regardless of your position. Its breathable foam technology regulates temperature, promoting coolness and relaxation. Upgrade your sleep experience with our mattress and wake up feeling refreshed.

The product, made in Spain, is adaptable, high-quality, and eco-friendly. It features high-performance materials like cotton, foam, and fibers and is made with a removable electric pump. It is also breathable, fresh, and has pocket springs.

The item measures 27 cm in height, 150 cm in width, 39.1 kg in weight, 38.4 kg in depth, and comes in one package.


  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting use while preserving its properties.
  • Adaptability: Anatomically designed with multi-zone adaptation for ideal comfort throughout the body. It provides a restorative and pleasant rest, with its core and layers offering body-wide support.
  • Fiber Quilting: Padding with hypoallergenic fibers for maximum softness and freshness.
  • Cotton Fabric: Specifically designed for excellent ventilation, ensuring a consistently pleasant body temperature.
  • Pocket Springs: an innovative rest system with independently pocketed springs for exceptional comfort and ergonomic adaptation. Allows for bed independence, enabling shared use without compromising individual comfort.
  • Independent Springs: Classic spring set with exclusive Flex quality, offering excellent support and weight distribution.
  • Ecological: Manufactured using natural materials that respect nature and the environment, providing a healthy rest.
  • GR13532126 Smart Spring: Innovative spring system providing smart, adaptable support.
  • GR12032123 MultiAir: Block of pocket springs adapting to each user’s morphology for individualized comfort and bed independence.
  • Foam: high-density foam provides adaptability, elasticity, and resistance for firm and comfortable rest.
  • Independence of Beds: Prevents disturbances from a partner’s movements, ensuring a deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Comfort System: High-density material ensures even weight distribution and maximum adaptability across the mattress surface.
  • GR14232122 and GR13532122 stretch fabric: high-quality elastic fabric enhances the properties of padding materials for added comfort and adaptability.
  • Springs: The biconical spring structure facilitates heat and humidity evaporation, offering great resistance and firmness.
  • Natural Elements: Fabric made with viscose and cotton, offering a pleasant feel and maximum durability.
  • Oko-Tex: European certification ensures product components are safe for health and environmentally friendly.

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Double Without VAT Applied
color: Bege
Double Without VAT Applied

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