Conforama Paw hut Dog Safety Barrier

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Dog safety Barrier
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Conforama Paw hut Dog Safety Barrier

Keeping Furry Friends Safe: Conforama Paw Hut Dog Safety Barrier Solutions!

Pow hut Dog safety

Dog Safety Barrier

Paw Hut Extendable Dog Safety Barrier for Doors and Stairs 74-105 cm with 2 10/15 cm Extensions with 2 Doors and Self-Locking Steel Height 76.2 cm Black


Paw Hut’s pet barrier is a great solution for families with pets who want to limit space or protect them from stairs. It features a safety lock with an automatic closing system and a small door for easy passage. Made of metal, it has 4 adjustment screws and 2 extensions to adapt to openings between 74 and 105 cm wide. The double-closing system ensures effective closing for your pet, and it has two latches on the bottom to determine the direction of the door opening. The barrier is quick and easy to install without the need for tools, and it can be installed under pressure on the sides of the openings. It is suitable for doorways, hallways, and stairs and requires assembly. The product is black, made of steel and plastic, and has dimensions without screws of 93×76.2 cm (LxH), a width range of 74–80 cm, 84–95 cm, and 99–105 cm, space between bars of 5 cm, an opening width of 50 cm, large door dimensions of 68×76.2 cm (LxH), and small door dimensions of 16×25.8 cm (LxH).

The item measures 76.2 cm in height, 105 cm in width, 6.3 kg in gross weight, 5.5 kg in total weight, and 4cm in depth.

Dog safety barrier

Dog Safety Barrier

Paw Hut Extendable Dog Safety Barrier for Stairs and Doors: 75-103cm Safety Barrier with 2 Steel Extensions Automatic Closing and Double Locking System Black


Paw Hut’s safety barrier is a great solution for pet owners looking to limit their space or protect them from stairs. The door features a lock and automatic closing system, making installation easy and saving time. Made from steel and pine wood, it can be adjusted between 75 and 103 cm in width. The double locking system allows for easy opening with one hand. The door is bidirectional and can be opened in both directions. It is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs up to 50 cm in shoulder height. The door requires assembly and comes in black and wood colors. The total dimensions are 74×75-103 cm/74×91 cm (with or without adjustment screw, including extension). The extension kit is 7 cm and 14 cm long, and the door opening width is 60 cm. The distance between bars is 5.8 cm.

The item measures 74cm in height, 103 cm in width, 6kg in weight, 5kg in total weight, and 2cm in depth.

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