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Natural ingredients, age-old customs, and cutting-edge research are combined to create fresh products, which offer a singular sensory experience with irrefutable outcomes. Fresh, which takes its inspiration from nature, combines the strength of natural components with science to produce goods that are cutting-edge in terms of technology, secure, and effective for users.
Our first goal is the safety of our products. No matter where the ingredients come from, the safety of a cosmetic product’s ingredients is taken into consideration during the safety assessment. The safety of ingredients is unaffected by whether they are man-made or organically sourced. The amount and method of usage of the substance in the formula are more crucial.
We use the best natural ingredients available wherever feasible.In order to create products delivering the highest levels of safety and performance, when no reliable or effective natural ingredient is available we use a synthetic derivative.
Fresh is committed to providing products of high and consistent quality. Accordingly, the products developed must comply with all worldwide regulations and with the most stringent requirements of quality, traceability, and safety.

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