Interrail Pass

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Interrail Pass

With our Mobile Pass, you can travel light. On your smartphone, you may check your tickets and plan your journeys. Never before has taking the train across Europe been so simple. Use your fingertips to plan your journey!

Access to more than 40 000 destinations is available with the Interrail Pass, which is valid in 33 nations.

Special Offer : Till May 10th, the Passes are 50% discounted!

  • for every age group
  • Select the pass’s commencement date from 4 days to 3 months.
  • Start your adventure immediately or up to 11 months from now.

And more benefits!


Pick a date for your trip.

You can arrange your excursions flexibly over 4, 5, or 7 days, or continuously over 15, 22, or 30 days.

A pass that is unrestricted

Take advantage of a pass that is age-neutral. Benefit from the ability to bring up to two children.

You can use the pass whenever you like.

There is no need to select a departure time; simply activate your pass anytime you wish to begin your adventure.


Global Interrail Pass
  • The most adaptable method of visiting Europe
  • With your Global Pass, visit up to 33 nations.
  • A maximum of 11 months after departure. There is no need to pick a departure date in advance.
One Country Pass
  • Discover your ideal nation via train.
  • Enjoy the convenience and independence of train travel.
  • There are countless trains every day.

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