QVC Secret Santa Black Friday Deal Up to 50% OFF

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QVC Secret Santa

QVC Secret Santa Black Friday Deal Up to 50% OFF

Unwrap the Magic: QVC Secret Santa Black Friday Deal Up to 50% Off is Here for Joyous Gifting!

QVC Secret Santa

QVC Secret Santa Express Set of 2 decorative stockings for gifts with hook

€24.00 -20% €19.00  Valid until November 26, 2023

Traditional holiday decorations, such as candles, can be placed on fireplaces, doors, or any corner of the house, adding a festive atmosphere to your home.

The item features decorative buttons and tassels, a hook for hanging, and polyester socks measuring 32×52 cm.

QVC Secret Santa

QVC Secret Santa Lindt Sweets Masterpieces, pralines of your choice

€23.00-13% €20.00 Valid until 12/17/2023

Choose an option: Assorted , Dark

You have a selection of premium pralines made from the finest Lindt chocolate, perfect for sharing moments of pleasure with your loved ones.

Dark chocolate pralines come in various fillings, including soft, crunchy, creamy, wafer-cracked, caramelized, and almond.

The text describes various types of chocolates, including milk chocolate with a soft centre, dark chocolate with hazelnut filling and crunchy hazelnuts, milk chocolate with almond filling, and dark chocolate with hazelnut filling.

QVC Secret Santa

QVC Secret Santa Bodi-Tek Humidifier Diffuser and Night Light with Himalayan Rocks

€36.50-18% €29.90, Valid until 12/25/2023

The item includes a humidifier diffuser and night light adorned with Himalayan rocks.

This device diffuses essential oils, adds humidity, relieves dry skin, and creates a relaxing atmosphere in any room, including bedrooms, with seven ambient lights.

  • 300ml capacity
  •  automatic shutdown for greater safety
  • powered by USB cable (5V, 1000mA, 5.0W)
  • dimensions: 11.1x16x16 cm; weight: 530 g

QVC Secret Santa

Price’s Candles Set of 2 large jars Fragrance line

€35.90-19%  €29.00 Valid until November 26, 2023

The text describes two candles: a Cozy Night gray candle and a purple Fig & Plum candle.

The glass-lid container adds perfume, color, and delicacy to your environment, creating a magical atmosphere and making them excellent gift ideas.

  • duration 110–150 h each
  • 18×10 cm

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