Renee and Villain Eau de Parfum fragrance Set 50% OFF

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Renee and Villain

Renee and Villain Eau de Parfum fragrance Set 50% OFF

Elevate Your Scent: Renee and Villain Eau de Parfum Fragrance Set is now 50% off!

Renee and Villain

Renee and Villain

RENEE x VILLAIN Eau De Parfum Premium Fragrance Set 

M.R.P ₹ 1,398, (50% Off), ₹ 699 only (Inclusive of all taxes)

RENEE Eau De Parfum Bloom: RENEE Bloom Eau de Parfum is a floral ambush, featuring notes from Tuberose, Jasmine, and Sandalwood, along with a spicy trail from Vanilla, Cocoa, Tonka Beans, and Almond. This delicate fragrance celebrates floral extravagance, making it irresistible and hard to ignore, making it a perfect addition to any day or season.

VILLAIN Eau de Parfum: Explore your villainous streak with the new signature perfume, VILLAIN. This new fragrance with woody & spicy notes keeps body odor at bay and lasts a long . Wear it daily and unravel your lethal charisma like a true-blue villain. It is a heady concoction of madness mixed with a hint of wickedness, along with several bursts of outrageousness and a tingling spiciness of twisted humor bottled up in intriguing grandeur. This rich fragrance is the quintessential embodiment of evil that’ll lure every eye that meets it.


At Renée, each ingredient is carefully selected, keeping your skin’s health and well-being in mind. We believe that when it comes to beauty products, you deserve only the best. So, we’re always here to help you take care of that beautiful skin with our mindfully chosen natural ingredients.

Ethyl Alcohol, Perfume, DEP, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, and Alcohol (95% v/v) Content: 83.66% v/v Denatured with Diethyl Phthalate 1%, Aqua.

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