Durex Play Kit Save Flat 37% off | Hot Deal

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  • Durex Play Kit

Durex Play Kit Save Flat 37% off | Hot Deal

Durex Play Kit – Spice It Up

3,189.00rs 1,999.00rs 37% OFF


Offer details:

You can get an Intensegasm play kit for up to 35% less.
It includes a 10-condom pack, positions to bookmark playcards, an intense quest pair game, tingling lube, and more.
Get it for only Rs. 1999 when you pay in advance.
Applicable to all users

what is inside the box :

  • FEEL CLOSER CONNECTION: For maximum pleasure, Durex Invisible Condoms use an Ultra-Thin design.
  • STRAWBERRY CONDOMS: Use scented condoms to enjoy the pleasure of strawberries.
  • CHOCOLATE CONDOMS: Chocolate-flavored condoms let you experience the wicked feelings of love.
  • INTENSE CONDOMS: With Intense Condoms, experience a mutually earth-shattering gratification.
  • INTENSE RING: Sensational vibrations will give you exquisite pleasure for up to 20 minutes.
  • INTENSE LUBE: Enjoy smooth lovemaking, tingling, warming, and cooling sensations.
  • ADULT DICE: Use Durex Adult Dice for some dirty games. Play the dice!
  • ADULT PLAY CARDS: Utilise intimacy cards to have sexy adult playdates with your lover.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF PROTECTION: More sensitivity while still offering the same high level of security and protection.
  • DUREX QUALITY: The most reputable brand in the world is Durex. Using only premium-quality raw materials, every single one of our items is electronically checked for flaws and holes.
Overview : 

It’s spicy, saucy, and loaded with naughty feelings! For some smouldering love, introduce yourself to Durex Spice Box. Take them to the moon every single night and surprise them with your mischievous side. This ‘Oh-So-Exciting’ box contains Invisible Condoms (Pack of 10), Strawberry Condoms (Pack of 3), Chocolate Condoms (Pack of 3), Intense Condoms (Pack of 3), Intense Lube to deliver smooth passion, Intense Ring to bring vibrations, Adult Dice and Play cards to add an extra dosage of heated passion. With the Durex Play Kit – Spice It Up, you and your special someone can be crazily sensual and crazily naughty every night.

Durex India respects your right to privacy. Because of this, our crew makes sure that your box is wrapped and delivered covertly so that no one but you knows what’s inside.

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