Exclusive Surfshark Black Friday VPN Deal for Secure Surfing 2023

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Surfshark VPN
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Exclusive Surfshark Black Friday VPN Deal for Secure Surfing 2023

Secure Your Cyber Adventure: Embrace the Sizzling Surfshark Black Friday VPN Deal 2023 for Blazing safe surfing

24/7 live support and visual guides

30-day money-back guarantee

  • Minimize Public Wi-Fi risks
  • Access websites while traveling
  • Escape price discrimination online

Wire Guard VPN

SurfShark vpn

The WireGuard protocol is a secure network tunnel that can be used standalone or as a VPN, aiming to replace IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN as an efficient solution with under 4,000 lines of code.


SurfShark vpn

IKEv2, a VPN protocol, is a combination of two communication protocols: IKEv2 handles security association between devices and VPN servers, while IPsec handles data transmission. The system enhances the Oakley Key Determination Protocol and ISAKMP, which establish methods for exchanging data to generate security keys for unsecured connections.


SurfShark vpn

OpenVPN is a protocol and tool for creating and maintaining virtual private networks. Its GUI app connects users to VPN servers from their VPN provider but lacks the quality-of-life improvements found in dedicated VPN clients like Surfshark.

Plan 1Month 12 Months 24 Months
Sharfshark Starter INR 1169.00/mo INR 329.00/mo INR 159.00/mo
Sharfshark One INR 1479.00/mo INR 339.00/mo INR 229.00/mo
Sharfshark One + INR 1679.00/mo INR 539.00/mo INR 329.00/mo

Receive up to 5 complimentary months with a 24-month plan.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away; it’s a limited-time offer.


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