Walmart Black Friday Deals 2022: top offers

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Walmart Black Friday Deals 2022: top offers

Walmart Second Black Friday Sale Begins Soon !

The Black Friday sale at Walmart has already started. The store is poised to unveil its second round of deals following last week’s initial “Deals for Days” promotion. All the finest ones, past specials that are still valid, and details on all additional sales the retailer will be doing throughout November will be shared right here.

More Walmart Black Friday sales will begin after the initial one on November 7 and continue on November 14 and November 21. These deals will all be accessible for seven days. The big climax will be another one-day sale that Walmart will hold on Cyber Monday (November 28).

It’s significant to note that the three Black Friday Deals of the Day events also get Walmart Plus members early access. This means that while the others are waiting in line at the internet marketplace every Monday from 12 p.m. ET to 7 p.m. ET, subscribers can browse the digital aisles.

You can join Walmart Plus for $12.95 per month if it sounds like something you’d be interested in (opens in new tab). Additionally, a one-year subscription is offered for $98. You regrettably just missed out on a current promotion that was 50% off the regular price. Free delivery, fuel savings, special incentives, discounts, and a cost-free subscription to the Paramount Plus streaming service are further membership perks.

Right now, that pretty much sums things up. Therefore, all of the top early Walmart Black Friday discounts are available here. Please return often as we will keep this page updated with all of those offers as soon as they become available throughout each unique sales event. To ensure you don’t lose out on a great opportunity, we’ll pick the best ones for you. But what if nothing appeals to you? Here at MyCouponStock, we have even more of the top Black Friday offers for you to browse.

____Best Deals At Walmart_______

Best Walmart Black Friday deals

Airpods Pro

AirPods Pro : $169.99  $159 At Walmart

Save $10 – The AirPods Pro, which provide effective noise cancellation, changeable silicone ear tips, and a convenient charging case, are now available for the lowest price we’ve ever seen. This is a more inexpensive option to receive some of Apple’s premium earbuds since the second-generation model, which released earlier this year with a number of enhancements but is over $100 more expensive.

HP Chromebook


HP 11.6″ Chromebook : $98  $79 At Walmart

Save $19 – It’s hard to get laptops for less money than this. Of course, you only get a pretty basic tablet for this kind of money, but if you need a capable device for light use or homework, this is a wise purchase. It has the power to handle that, a durable shell to keep it safe, and a 10-hour battery life, so it will last the entire day.

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen.) : $19.98  $18 At Walmart

Save $2 – Here is a less expensive smart speaker option to Amazon’s Echo Dot. It does many of the same tasks, such as playing music, setting timers, reading the news, and reiterating upcoming events. Even other appliances like the TV, lights, and heating systems can be controlled by it. It’s an excellent entry point into smart home technology at this pricing.


Black Friday Deals

How soon does Walmart’s Black Friday sale begin?

The big Walmart Black Friday sale for 2022 will begin on Monday, November 7. There are already some early deals available. This is the first of three one-time deals being offered in November. Both the second and third start on November 14, respectively. Walmart Plus members will have exclusive access to each one seven hours before the general public, and each one will offer a distinct assortment of Black Friday offers.

Walmart Black Friday Deals for Days: key dates

  • Event 1: starts Nov 7 at 7pm ET (Walmart Plus early access from 12pm ET)
  • Event 2: starts Nov 14 at 7pm ET (Walmart Plus early access from 12pm ET)
  • Event 3: starts Nov 21 at 7pm ET (Walmart Plus early access from 12pm ET)
  • Event 4: one-day Cyber Monday sale on Nov 28

Black Friday sales at Walmart: what to anticipate

Since Walmart offers almost everything, we anticipate price reductions on a broad range of goods during its Black Friday promotions. The biggest and best discounts, meanwhile, are typically found on household items and consumer electronics.

We anticipate discounts in these areas during the many sales events in November for TVs, gaming equipment, air fryers, blenders, audio equipment, and even some bathroom products.

Deals aren’t limited to departing goods however. We’ve already seen the first significant reduction on the most recent Apple Watch 8 in the Walmart Black Friday sales preview, so this November, count on the $50 savings to return. We’ll also keep an eye out for further new technology, such as less expensive and in-demand items like the PS5 and Xbox One X.

Sale On Walmart

Do Walmart stores remain open on Black Friday?

Typically, Walmart locations open at 5 a.m. it was Black Friday. Check your neighbourhood shops (opens in new tab) though in case there are any unanticipated changes this year.

Will Walmart have any stock concerns on Black Friday?

During Black Friday of last year, a few items at Walmart sold out, but this largely affected the expected hot sellers like the AirPods Pro, PS5, and incredibly affordable 4K TVs. However, the problems weren’t as bad as we had anticipated because, with the exception of the PS5, practically everything had to be restocked throughout the course of the week and weekend.

However, as Black Friday came to a close, we noticed that stock on these top sellers was diminishing. By Sunday, several well-liked items had completely sold out. According to Walmart, considerable effort has been made to guarantee that this year’s supply levels of the most popular products are adequate. We can only hope that less of the terrible “out of stock” notices will now appear. To avoid disappointment later, it may still be worthwhile to buy something if you find it on sale first.

What were Walmart’s top offers from the previous year?

Walmart had a tonne of brand-new offers on several popular items on Black Friday of last year. In fact, Walmart has one of the best selections of products available out of all the retailers, including the AirPods Pro, cheap TVs, popular console games, culinary gadgets, wearables, and a variety of Chromebooks and Windows laptops.

In the majority of situations, these items were also offered during the week leading up to Black Friday. So once more, it would be a good idea to buy desired things in advance.

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