Black Friday deals will be back soon.

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black friday sale coming soon

Black Friday deals will be back soon.

Black Friday sales will arrive sooner than you think.

Black Friday is always the Friday following Thanksgiving. This year’s Black Friday 2023 will take place on Friday, November 24. However, Black Friday sales will most certainly begin much sooner. Discounts are expected to begin coming in late October or early November. The biggest prices will still be found closer to Black Friday, with substantial savings beginning on Thursday, November 23 around Thanksgiving.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Let’s go back in time to find out why it’s called Black Friday: the term “Black Friday” was first used in relation to this shopping experience in November 1951, when the journal Factory Management and Maintenance used it to describe people calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving so they could have an extra day off work.

At the same time, authorities in the United States began using the words “Black Friday” and “Black Saturday” to describe the horrible traffic that occurred at the start of the pre-Christmas shopping season.

The local administration attempted to alter the shopping season to “Big Friday” and “Big Saturday” in 1961, but it failed. The concept that this was the moment when shops went ‘back into the black’ was seen far later and clearly an attempt to bring positivity to the term.

You don’t have to wait to get great prices on tech deals.

Though the doorbusters in this year’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales sparked a lot of interest, you can get excellent deals on gadgets at Best Buy all year long. You’ll discover fantastic gift ideas for cellphones, computers, virtual reality gear, video games, desktops, laptops and tablets, appliances, televisions, smart home advances, cameras, camcorders, and everything else you can think of. You may find anything is on your tech wish list by visiting a nearby Best Buy shop or by relaxing back in your easy chair and checking out the online specials from your computer or phone. All of the most recent releases are accessible from all of the top companies, including Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Nikon, Bose, Sonos and many more. See for yourself. And check out the latest Apple Event to see what’s new and awesome from the folks who brought us the iPhone, iPad and Mac. On Black Friday, and throughout the year, you can get the tech you want at Best Buy. 

What Time Does Cyber Monday Start?

Black Friday is not the only shopping celebration in November. Shortly after Black Friday, the sales will transition into Cyber Monday sales. This year’s Cyber Monday will be on Monday, November 27. However, Cyber Monday offers are known to arrive as early as the Saturday and Sunday after Black Friday. You may also anticipate the reductions to stretch the entire week, in a phenomenon dubbed ‘Cyber Week’ by several online businesses. To prepare, read our primer on the differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

Amazon Black Friday Sale

The Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are perhaps the most extensive on the internet. They not only provide competitive prices on Apple items, gaming consoles, headphones, and TVs, but they also have discounts on clothes, furniture, vacuums, and just about anything else. Amazon will also have the most competitive pricing on its own brands, such as Fire TVs, Kindles, and Echo products. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you will most likely perform the majority of your online shopping at Amazon.

Consider Amazon’s Black Friday commercial from last year as a guide to what to anticipate in 2023.

Walmart Black Friday Sale

Every year, Walmart has one of the greatest selections of Black Friday discounts, rivalling even Amazon. Expect the same gaming console and technology savings as Best Buy, as well as a large choice of offers on furnishings, outdoor gear, and toys. Every year, they also have some of the lowest bargains on Vizio and Hisense TVs.

Look at Walmart’s Black Friday ad from last year to get an idea of what deals to expect in 2023.

Target Black Friday Sale

Target usually has a great Black Friday discount on consoles, TVs, toys, electric razors, and kitchen items. They also provide exclusive deals on their own home décor items that you won’t find anywhere else. You may also join the Target Circle to receive additional advantages and savings.

Take a peek at last year’s Target Black Friday ad to get an idea of what to anticipate from the sale in 2023.

Dell Black Friday Sale

If you’re primarily searching for PC and laptop bargains over the holiday season, the Dell Black Friday sale is usually worth a look. Naturally, they have the best pricing on their own gear, such as business laptops, gaming computers, and even a few gaming monitors. There are always Dell and Alienware bargains available, but Black Friday is arguably the best time to buy directly from the manufacturer.
Take a look at last year’s Dell Black Friday commercial for a preview of what we can expect in 2023, although the ad is rather limited.

Tips for Black Friday Shopping Online

It may seem foolish to start thinking about your Black Friday shopping early, but doing so can help you save a significant amount of money when the time comes to make purchases. Here are a few Black Friday recommendations to think about before the event:

Set a Budget – Keeping track of how much money you have available to spend is essential to avoiding overspending. When everything is on sale, it’s simple to overspend simply because everything is at its lowest price of the year.

Make a Shopping List – Knowing exactly what you’re looking for discounts on is a smart strategy to prevent making unneeded purchases. It may also let you compare costs between sellers or create price decrease notifications ahead of time.

Compare Prices – Stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart make it very simple to do all of your purchasing there. However, such merchants may not always offer the greatest prices on the things you want. Make careful to examine rates over the web before paying more than necessary for something.

Research Before You Buy – If you’re making an expensive purchase, make sure you do atleast some research before you purchase that item. This means looking for independent reviews or testimony from trusted sources about those products. You shouldn’t necessarily trust Amazon reviews, for example.

Be Wary of Search Results – Search services, such as Google, have a tendency to overwhelm their results with paid links. If you’re seeking for reviews or specific items by price, avoid clicking on a sponsored ad.

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