“”Exploring Bluestone Jewellery Company: A Comprehensive Guide to the Finest Jewelry – 2023

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Bluestone Jewellery Company

“”Exploring Bluestone Jewellery Company: A Comprehensive Guide to the Finest Jewelry – 2023

Bluestone Jewellery Company, founded in 2011, is India’s leading fine jewelry brand with over 8,000 unique designs. The company focuses on craftsmanship, quality, and customer experience, aiming to revolutionize the Indian jewelry and lifestyle market.

With over 8,000 designs, customers can customize gold purity, color, or diamond clarity. BlueStone’s stores offer world-class experience, friendly staff, and exquisite jewelry. The award-winning design team ensures perfection in each product, while cutting-edge technology and technology reflect brilliance. BlueStone offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, certified jewelry, lifetime exchanges, and a complimentary Try At Home service for luxury shopping from home.

The Heart of Excellence at Bluestone Jewellery Company: Design & Craftsmanship

The Craftsmen of Bluestone Jewellery Company

At Bluestone Jewellery Company, we stay attuned to jewelry trends and your valuable feedback to deliver the best. Our made-to-order approach ensures every piece is individually crafted and rigorously quality-checked. Whether it’s plain gold, dazzling diamonds, or enchanting gemstones, we offer designs for all moods, budgets, and occasions.

Unveiling the Bluestone Jewellery Company Advantage

Discover a world of designs at BlueStone, where trust and transparency are certified.

Every piece is customized to your desires without compromising on ethics. Visit our exclusive stores or try it at home with the convenience of lifetime exchange and next-day delivery, ensuring your cherished jewelry is shipped to you with care.

Investors at Bluestone Jewellery Company

AcceL: Accel is a prominent venture capital firm that invests in individuals and companies throughout private company growth, supporting companies like Acko, Atlassian, and more. The firm values entrepreneurs’ individuality, originality, and strengths, recognizing that greatness doesn’t have stereotypes..

Kalaari Capital: Kalaari Capital, a $650 million venture capital firm, has been empowering Indian entrepreneurs since 2006 to create innovative solutions that transform Indian life, work, consumption, and transactions, focusing on long-term partnerships for disruptive innovation.

Saama Capital: Saama is an investment firm that focuses on investing in the Indian economy’s growth, offering guidance and support to entrepreneurs and companies. With a diverse team, Saama is known for its collaborative, knowledgeable, and engaged approach, assisting with operational, financing, and strategic matters.

Ivycap Ventures:Mumbai-based IvyCap Ventures invests in early and growth-stage ventures by entrepreneurs from top education institutions, focusing on sectors like healthcare, education, food, technology, e/m-commerce, and innovation-oriented businesses. Their investments include Reuters Market Light, Aujas, FieldEZ, Vinculum, Elixir Lab Group, and Purplle.com.

RB investments:RB Investments, a Singapore-based Venture Capital firm, invests in visionary entrepreneurs, assists portfolio companies in strategic growth, board building, capitalization, and market presence enhancement, empowering entrepreneurs to create great businesses.

Draoneer: Dragoneer Investment Group, a San Francisco-based, growth-oriented investor, has made significant investments in Flipkart, Airbnb, Instacart, Dollar Shave Club, and Wealth front.

Iron Pillar: Iron Pillar is a venture growth investor focusing on mid-stage technology investments in India, with a six-member founding team with over 100 years of experience in venture investing, M&A, and technology. They partner with technology entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to support companies in India, the U.S., and China/Asia.

Bluestone Jewellery Company Management

Bluestone Shipping & Returns Policy

  • Bluestone Jewellery Company offers return shipping across India for all products within its 30-day money-back policy.
  • Bluestone lifetime exchange and buyback on all purchases made from Bluestone within India.
  • Bluestone provides free delivery and shipping on all items.
  • All goods will be fully insured by BlueStone until they reach you, so your purchase is 100% safe.
  • More Details About-Category, Exchange Value, Buy Back Value,Visit Here

Shop with confidence

  • A World of Designs Customized by You
  • designed to impress with exquisite designs Crafted to perfection with the utmost care
  • Customized by you, Decide What’s perfect for you
  • 100% Transparency: What You See Is What You Get
  • No Compromise on Ethics: A Strong Code of Social, Environmental, and Business Ethics
  • Certified Trustworthy: A High Benchmark of Purity and Authenticity
  • money -back and exchanges a Catwalk* not Satisfied with your purchase get a full refund
  • Lifetime exchange promise We believe in lifelong relationships
  • Surprisingly Convenient We Like You Comfortable
  • Affordability at its best—as affordable as it can get
  • Try it at home before you buy it-Our Try At Home service is designed to address the concerns of first-time online jewelry shoppers by bringing their chosen jewelry to their doorstep. We offer this service in various cities including Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Mumbai, Thane, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Mohali, and Guwahati.

Bluestone Jewellery Company Certifications

  • Solitaire Gemological Laboratories Ltd. (SGL)
  • International Gemological Institute (IGI)
  • HKD Diamond Laboratories, Canada
  • The Gemological Institute of America(GIA)
  • BIS hallmark
  • Gemological Science International (GSI)

Bluestone Jewellery Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Bluestone Jewellery Company known for?

Bluestone Jewellery Company is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and a wide range of jewelry, including bluestone, diamond, gold, and gemstone pieces.

Are Bluestone Jewellery Company’s products certified?

Yes, all our products are certified for quality and authenticity, ensuring you receive genuine and ethically sourced jewelry.

Can I customize jewelry with Bluestone Jewellery Company?

Absolutely. We offer made-to-order options, allowing you to create a unique, personalized piece.

What are the shipping and delivery options?

We provide next-day delivery and the convenience of trying jewelry at home before making a purchase.

Is there a return policy in place?

Yes, we offer a lifetime exchange policy, ensuring you’re always satisfied with your purchase.

Do you have physical stores for shopping?

Yes, we have exclusive stores where you can explore our collection and seek expert assistance.

How can I contact Bluestone Jewellery Company for inquiries?

You can reach out to us through our website, visit our stores, or find our contact information for prompt assistance.

Are there any ethical practices followed by Bluestone Jewellery Company?

We are committed to ethical sourcing, sustainability, and transparency in our processes.

What types of occasions are your jewelry suitable for?

Our extensive range includes pieces suitable for everyday wear, special occasions, and gifting.

How can I get the latest updates on Bluestone Jewellery Company’s products and promotions?

You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay updated with our latest offerings and exclusive deals.

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