Modern Conforama wall decoration for living room

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Conforama wall decoration
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Modern Conforama wall decoration for living room

Elevate your living room with trendy Conforama wall decoration for a contemporary look!

Conforama Wall DecorationConforama wall decoration

BELIANI, REXX Cream Dinosaur Wall Décor


This dinosaur-shaped plush toy is unique wall décor that can transform a child’s room into a welcoming space. Made of soft-touch cotton, it can be used as an ornament or a cute toy, attracting attention and flattening out the space.

This wall decoration features a modern style in a cream and white tone, made of felt, and is shaped like a handmade animal.

This item measures 17 cm in depth, 37 cm in width, 29 cm in height, and weighs 0.3 kg.

Conforama wall décor

Conforama wall decoration

BELIANI,TANTOR gray elephant wall decoration


This elephant-shaped plush wall hanging adds a unique childlike character to your child’s room with its sequined silver fangs and small crown. It’s perfect for adorning your bed and can be paired with other accessories to create a space that’s perfect for your baby.

This wall décor features a modern style in gray and cream white, is made of cotton and animal shapes, and is not handmade.

This item measures 16 cm in depth, 39 cm in width, 33 cm in height, and weighs 0.2 kg.

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