Convertible French 4 Door Refrigerator 650 L From ₹9159.12/month

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French 4 Door Refrigerator, 650 L

Convertible French 4 Door Refrigerator 650 L From ₹9159.12/month

Modern refrigeration technology and French design provide convenience and flexibility with convertible features.

French 4 Door Refrigerator
Spacious storage compartments keep groceries fresher for longer

Perfectly preserves fruits, vegetables, and beverages

MRP Price₹244000.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)

From ₹9159.12/mo for 24 months or ₹188900.00

Save ₹55100.00 (price includes INR 55100 instant savings of 23% off. Limited time only.

Earn up to 3778 Smart Club Points

The refrigerator has a net total of 650 °C, triple cooling, and a net case height of 1.85 m. It has a net depth of 73.1 cm, a door handle and weighs 130 kg. It features a tray ice maker, LED interior light, and a door alarm. The refrigerator also has an interior LED light, 6 door pockets, 4 shelves, and 2 vegetable and fruit drawers. It supports the SmartThings app.

SmartThings AI Energy Mode optimizes compressor speed and defrost cycle, reducing energy use by up to 10% if the monthly electricity bill exceeds the preset target.

The Digital Inverter Compressor offers energy efficiency, quiet operation, and long-lasting performance, with a 20-year warranty for its efficient use and quiet operation.

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