Greyhound affordable long-distance intercity bus

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Greyhound affordable long-distance intercity bus

Seamless Travel Experience Greyhound : Enhanced Schedules, User-Friendly Seat Options, Flexible Tickets, Easy Baggage Handling, Child-Friendly Features, and Exclusive New Ticket Reservations!


Greyhound offers convenient, comfortable, and affordable bus travel to over 2,300 destinations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, connecting thousands of communities in the region. Whether you’re in big cities like New York, Chicago, or smaller cities like Omaha, El Paso, or Albany, Greyhound has you covered.

Greyhound offers easy bus trip planning through online bookings and the Greyhound app. Users can access ticket prices, schedules, and station information in one place. They can purchase tickets online and keep them on their smartphones, eliminating the need to print them out.

Greyhound offers stress-free travel with Track My Bus, providing real-time bus stop information and updated timetables. With line numbers or confirmation numbers, travelers can stay updated on their journey. Onboard, passengers can enjoy free entertainment and Wi-Fi while reclining in leather seats. In-seat power ports ensure passengers stay charged.

Travel From Los Angeles to Las Vegas 

Tue, Jan 23

Direct Trip
  • Los Angeles Union Station
  • Las Vegas Strip Transit Terminal
  • 7:30hrs

$44.99 + $3.99 = $48.98, inclusive of all taxes

Free Wi-Fi, Onboard Entertainment, and Outlets

Included per person 

1 carry-on bag|25lb 16×12×7in

1 stored bag|50lb 31×20×12in

Explore Popular Destinations and Connections

More Options and Choices

Greyhound and FlixBus are joining forces to provide an expanded network to customers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, as well as more ticket flexibility and more options to make your trip more enjoyable than ever before.

You now have more schedule options, more departure and arrival stations, and more departures each day. And we’ve made it easier for you to see all the options on our newly refreshed website and our mobile apps. Simply add the city, and we’ll display all the options within that city.

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