Lingoda’s Super Sprint 2-month Language Course

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Lingoda's Super Sprint

Lingoda’s Super Sprint 2-month Language Course

Discover the Ultimate Challenge That Will Propel You Towards Success

Why Choose the Super Sprint?
Lingoda’s Super Sprint program offers a transformational journey in just 2 months, pushing you to your limits and beyond and ensuring unparalleled results.

1. Comprehensive Program with 60 Intensive Classes
In just two months, you’ll take 60 expertly curated classes, each building on the last, to enhance your understanding of the subject matter.

2. Flexible Payment Options
Lingoda says that investing in your future is a significant commitment. That’s why Lingoda created flexible payment options to make this journey accessible to you:

Deposit: Start your transformation journey today with a small deposit of just $59 due now.
First Month’s Payment: Gain full access to the first month’s classes for $440.
Second Month’s Payment: Continue your progress with the second payment of $499.

The Super Sprint program offers a life-changing experience with 60 high-quality classes, compressing months of learning into an actionable two-month period for $998.

Choose Your Cashback Reward
Lingoda offers flexibility in rewards, offering a 50% cashback at the end of the program or 60 class credits for continued learning.
Who is the Super Sprint For?
Professional Development
Students and Lifelong Learners

The Super Sprint Experience
Expert Instructors
Interactive and Engaging Classes
Supportive Learning Environment
Ongoing Assessments and Feedback

Enroll today and start your transformation. Secure your spot with a $59 deposit, and let’s start this incredible journey together.

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