ltur: Book last minute flights cheaply to beach destinations

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ltur: Book last minute flights cheaply to beach destinations

Last-Minute Beach Getaways: Affordable Flights with Ltur—Book Your Tropical Escape Now!

Itur: Last-minute flights to beach destinations

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 Itur: Last-minute city destinations

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is a last-minute flight?

A last-minute flight is when the booking is made no more than 30 days before departure.
Ideally, the flight price is also cheaper, as remaining seats are often sold a few days before the flight.
The time period for super last-minute flights is even shorter, with only 72 hours between booking and flight.

When is the best time to book a last-minute flight?

You can book a last-minute flight up to 30 days before departure.
It is cheapest to book just a few days before the flight so that you can benefit from remaining seats with cheaper conditions.

How do I book a last-minute flight?

The best way to book a last-minute flight online is to set a short-term departure date (less than a month). This will show you the cheapest prices and allow you to compare offers. At Itur, you will find a variety of possible flight tariffs and airlines for your flight.

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