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Medimops Second Hand Novel Up to 30% OFF

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The Song of the Crayfish: Novel—the number 1 bestseller now in paperback Beautiful” Der Spiegel

€11.99–29%, €8.49

The product information includes an EAN/ISBN of 9783453424012, medium title of book, 464 pages, and an issue date of 2021-01-25. The publisher is Heyne Verlag, available at Medimops

Kya the Marsh Girl’s touching story of the fragility of childhood and the beauty of nature

Chase Andrews dies, and the residents of the quiet seaside town of Barkley Cove agree: it’s the Marsh Girl’s fault. Kya Clark lives isolated in the marshland, with its salt marshes and sandbanks. She knows every stone and seabird, every shell, and every plant. When two young men become aware of the wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new life, with dramatic consequences. Delia Owens talks intensely and atmospherically about how we will forever remain the children we once were. And we cannot oppose the secrets and violence of nature.


€13.00-39%, €7.99

Published on June 10, 2019 by Heyne Publishing, the product is first-print paperback with 416 pages and an ISBN/EAN of 9783453439689.

Björn Diemel is forced by his wife to attend a mindfulness seminar in order to repair his marriage, prove himself to be a good father, and restore the work-life balance that has become somewhat out of control. Björn is a successful lawyer and therefore has very little time for his family. The course actually bears fruit, and Björn is even able to integrate what he has learned into his job, although not quite in the way he expected. Because when his client, a brutal and more than guilty major criminal, starts to cause him serious problems, he simply kills him, according to all the rules of caution.

Mindfully Murder is the story of a conscious and decelerated murder, the long-overdue collaboration between a mindfulness guide and a crime novel, but above all, an original entertainment novel.

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