NordPass Premium1Year Plan at $1.99 per month

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NordPass Premium1Year Plan

NordPass Premium1Year Plan at $1.99 per month

NordPass Premium 1-Year Plan at $1.99 per month, Save 33%

  • Forget password resets
  • Browse and shop faster
  • Use any device

Nordpass Benefits 

This document provides a comprehensive guide on password management, including features such as saving unlimited passwords, autosave and autofill, generating complex passwords, scanning the web for data leaks, identifying weak, old, and reused passwords, automatic sync across devices, multifactor authentication, secure accounts with biometrics, sharing items with trusted individuals, emergency access, secure storage of credit cards and notes, and password import and export.

Why is NordPass better than browser password managers?

The software offers advanced security tools, including an advanced password generator, additional features, 24/7 customer support, and efficient data management on any device.

Personal & Family 1Year Plan


$1.99 per month


$35.88 for the first year, Save 33%

The 30-day money-back guarantee and premium user account feature allow users to store passwords, passkeys, and credit cards, stay logged, detect weak passwords, scan the web for data breaches, and attach files to items.

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