NordVPN 2 Year Basic Plan and Save 50%

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NordVPN 2 Year Basic Plan

NordVPN 2 Year Basic Plan and Save 50%

 Online Privacy: NordVPN 2 Year Basic Plan  and Save 50% + Get 3 Extra Months

NordVPN 2-Year Basic Plan NordVPN 2 Year Basic Plan

Basic plan

2-year plan ($3.69/mo) + 3 EXTRA months


Total $99.63

Secure your internet connection with the fastest VPN available, protecting up to 10 devices at once from servers in 111 countries. Reclaim your digital privacy and access your favorite content.

NordVPN offers a secure solution for ten simultaneous connections across various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, by shielding IP addresses and encrypting traffic.

The system alerts users about unsafe websites and automatically scans downloaded files and attachments for malware, deleting them if they aren’t safe to open.

Block unwanted ads, pop-ups, and banners, and prevent third-party websites from tracking your online activity for a safer, smoother, and faster browsing experience on all sites and devices.

Automatically sync and backup passwords across all devices, accessible in an encrypted vault from anywhere, using browser extensions or apps.

Ensure your data has not been compromised and receive personalized recommendations to prevent future data breaches. (1281840)

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