Renee Travel Kit Sales Up to 31% Off

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Renee Travel Kit

Renee Travel Kit Sales Up to 31% Off

Jet-Set with Savings: Renee Travel Kit Sales Up to 31% Off!

Renee Travel Kit

Renee Travel Kit

M.R.P ₹ 2,049 (31% Off) 

Get it by ₹ 1,419 only (Inclusive of all taxes)

Color: Diva

FAB 5 5-IN-1 LIPSTICK: Renée’s FAB 5 is a 5-in-1 lipstick collection featuring five shades: taupe, flaming red, and captivating coral. With a soft, buttery formula, it ensures a grand entrance and smooth glide throughout the day, making you the star of meetings. Carry this one stick for a grand entrance and be the star of your meetings.

Hard Black Kajal: A universal favorite, the color black proves to be extremely rich and complements every skin tone. It lives up to all expectations and delivers eye-catching results with each use. Our black Kajal pen is all about the alluring depth of its blackness—a color that is so dark and so bold that no other shades of black even come close.

Eau de Parfum Bloom: Imprint your prey with a floral ambush with RENEE Bloom Eau de Parfum. This blooming perfume is a unique combination of notes from tuberose, jasmine, and sandalwood, along with a spicy trail from vanilla, cocoa, and tonka beans with a touch of almond.

Fab Face 3-in-1 Makeup Stick: René’s Fab Face Stick is a versatile makeup tool that brightens up your lips, cheeks, and eyes simultaneously, boosting confidence and preparing you for any challenge. It comes in shades of luscious for lips, mild for cheeks, and shiny pearls for eyelids, making you feel like a natural diva.

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