Buy Two-Piece Cobrial Sanitary And Save $600.00

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Two-Piece Cobrial Sanitary
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Buy Two-Piece Cobrial Sanitary And Save $600.00

Transform Your Bathroom Experience with the Two-Piece Cobrial Sanitary Set—Now Save $600.00!

Tired of outdated bathroom fixtures that fail to offer the comfort, efficiency, and modern look you desire? Introducing Glacier Bay’s Two-Piece Cobrial Sanitary.

Cobrial Sanitary

The Price Was before: $2,799.00
The Offer Price is $ 2,199
You Save :$600.00

Product Information
The Cobrial Glacier Bay 2-Piece Toilet is eco-friendly and efficient, featuring a 16-inch tall bowl with ADA height standard, a hidden trap, and a lever discharge activator.

Measuring 82 x 72.4 x 45.7 cm, it includes a wax ring and a Quick Connect system for easy installation.

This toilet offers modern design and functionality, ensuring both comfort and convenience.

Don’t Wait – Upgrade Your Bathroom Today!

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    Save $600.00