Nord Pass Family Plan: Cybersecurity for the Whole Family at a Fraction of the Cost

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Nord pass Family Plan

Nord Pass Family Plan: Cybersecurity for the Whole Family at a Fraction of the Cost

Nord Pass is a password manager and digital vault service created by Nord VPN, a leader in virtual private network services. Nord VPN launched Nord Pass in 2019 as a way to help users store passwords and sensitive information securely.

Nord Pass offers both individual and family plans. The Nord Pass Family Plan allows up to six users to share one Nord Pass account. It provides a seamless way for families to manage passwords across devices and family members.

The goal of this article is to provide an in-depth look at the features, capabilities, platforms, and overall value of the Nord Pass Family Plan. Whether you’re an individual or a family looking to improve password security and online privacy, this guide will help you determine if Nord Pass Family Plan is the right choice. We’ll cover everything you need to know about the shared family account, from pricing to customer support.

What is the Nord Pass Family Plan?

The Nord Pass Family Plan allows up to six users to share one premium password manager account. All users share access to the same secure password vault, meaning they can view, access, and manage the same passwords seamlessly across devices.

Some key features of the Nord Pass Family Plan include:

Secure password vault sharing for up to six users
Access your passwords on unlimited devices
Password generator and auto-fill across devices
Dark web monitoring included
Secure file storage (up to 1GB per user)
Available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and browsers
Powerful encryption and zero-knowledge architecture for security
The Nord Pass Family Plan provides all the features of the premium Nord Pass password manager but is optimized for families or teams who want to securely share access to passwords. The plan allows creating separate user profiles with the flexibility to share passwords between certain team members or keep some vaults private.

Pricing and Billing of Nord Pass Family Plan

One-Year Plan

The Nord Pass Family Plan is affordably priced and offers flexible payment options. There are both monthly and annual billing cycles available:

Monthly plan: $3.69/month per user
Annual plan: $44.28 (saves you 38%)

Two-Year Plan

Monthly plan: $2.79/month per user
Annual plan: $66.96 (saves you 53%)

Nord Pass supports all major credit cards for payment, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can easily manage your subscription and billing details from your account dashboard.

Payments will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle unless cancelled beforehand. There are no contracts, so you have the flexibility to cancel at any time.

For large families or teams, it may be possible to get custom-discounted pricing by contacting Nord Pass sales. Volume discounts may be available.

The affordable pricing combined with military-grade encryption, seamless syncing across devices, password management, and more make the Nord Pass Family Plan an excellent value compared to competitors. The annual plan in particular helps maximize savings for families who know they will rely on Nord Pass long-term.

Platforms Supported by the Nord Pass Family Plan

The Nord Pass Family Plan works across a wide range of platforms, devices, and browsers to allow seamless password management no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Desktop Apps
The Nord Pass desktop app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This gives you full access to the Nord Pass features and password vault on your computer.

Mobile Apps
Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are available to download for free. The Nord Pass mobile app provides on-the-go password management from your phone or tablet.

Browser Extensions
Nord Pass offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. The extensions allow easy auto-fill of usernames, passwords, addresses, and credit cards in your browser.

Web Access
You can also access your Nord Pass vault through the web vault at This allows you to securely view and manage your passwords from any computer through the web browser.

So in summary, Nord Pass works across desktop, mobile, browsers, and the web, giving you seamless and secure password management no matter what device you’re on. The availability of multiple platforms makes password management easy and convenient.

Security Features: Nord Pass Family Plan

NordPass employs industry-leading security to protect users’ sensitive data. Here are some of the key security protections offered:

Military-grade encryption: Nord Pass utilizes XChaCha20 encryption with Argon2 memory hardening to encrypt all data. This advanced encryption method would take millions of years for hackers to crack. Nord Pass has no access to user passwords.

Zero-knowledge architecture: User data is encrypted on the client side before syncing. The encryption keys are only stored locally on users’ devices. This zero-knowledge model means NordPass never sees or stores passwords unencrypted.

Data breach guarantee: Nord Pass guarantees it will notify users and pay out up to $50,000 per user in the event of a breach resulting in password or credit card data exposure. This provides peace of mind.

Secure sharing: Users can securely share passwords with other NordPass users without revealing the actual password text. The password can only be viewed after the recipient enters their NordPass master password.

Two-factor authentication: Users can enable optional two-factor authentication for an added layer of account security.

Data centres: Nord Pass leverages trusted data centres with strict security practices to host encrypted user data in a secure manner.

With its robust security architecture, Nord Pass provides confidence that users’ sensitive password data will remain private and secure. The advanced encryption, zero-knowledge design, and breach guarantees give Nord Pass security strengths matching or exceeding those of competitors.

Password Management Capabilities
Nord Pass offers robust password management features to keep your passwords secure while making them easy to use across all your devices.

Generating Secure Passwords

The NordPass password generator helps you create complex, random passwords that are difficult for hackers to crack. You can customize the password length and include or exclude certain types of characters, like numbers, symbols, and uppercase letters, based on your preferences. NordPass will generate a new, secure password for you with just one click.

Password Vault/Storage
Your passwords are securely stored locally on your device and also synced through Nord Pass’s cloud-based vault. Nord Pass utilizes end-to-end encryption, so only you can access your passwords. The vault allows you to securely store an unlimited number of passwords and logins for all your online accounts.

Autofill and Syncing Across Devices
Nord Pass enables autofill across many different browsers and platforms. When you login to a website, Nord Pass can automatically fill in your username and password for you. It can also autofill forms with personal information. Your data is synced across all devices logged into your Nord Pass account, so you can seamlessly access your passwords on your computer, smartphone, and tablet without having to manually transfer anything.

Importing Passwords from Other Apps
If you currently use another password manager, Nord Pass makes it easy to import your existing passwords into its vault with just a few clicks. This helps you smoothly transition to using Nord Pass without losing access to any of your passwords. Nord Pass supports importing from other popular password managers like LastPass, 1Password, and Dash Lane.

Additional Features
Nord Pass Family Plan includes several useful additional features beyond core password management capabilities:

Dark Web Monitoring: Nord Pass monitors the dark web and notifies you if your personal information, like emails, is found, so you can take action to protect your ID.
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