Malaysia Airlines

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Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the main airline of Malaysia. It started way back in 1947. Over time, it became really important for connecting Malaysia to other countries.

But in 2014, there were two big accidents that hurt Malaysia Airlines. One plane, MH370, disappeared and was never found. Another, MH17, got shot down over Ukraine.

After these tragedies, Malaysia Airlines had to make big changes. They got new leaders, made their routes more efficient, and upgraded their planes. They wanted to make people feel safe flying with them again.

Even though it was tough, Malaysia Airlines still flies people to lots of places. They work hard to make sure their flights are safe and comfortable for everyone.

Customer service00 60 3-7843 3000

CEOIzham Ismail (1 Dec 2017–)


Founded: 1 May 1947, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


HeadquartersSepang, Malaysia

Destinations: 77

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