(NCSF) National Council on Strength and Fitness

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(NCSF) National Council on Strength and Fitness

The NCSF is the premier certification organization for Exercise Professionals within the fitness industry. Recognized globally, our certifications are distinctions of excellence and represent quality career minded professionals.

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Is NASM a good certification?

NASM is debatably the most respected certification for Personal Training. NASM certified personal trainers typically have an advantage in the job market when we look at the average salaries of trainers with only a CPT certification.

Who is the founder of the NCSF?

Founding. In 1997 the NCSF was founded by Susan Wright, under the auspices of the New York SM Activists.

Where is the headquarters of the NCSF?

Coral Gables, FL

Is NASM valid in Canada?

Canfitpro is by far the most recognized name in fitness credentials in Canada, with ISSA and NASM being two of the most reputable cert providers in North America and possibly the world.

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