Welcome to Brussels Airlines, your gateway to Europe and beyond!

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Brussels Airlines
  • April 17, 2023
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Welcome to Brussels Airlines, your gateway to Europe and beyond!

Brussels Airlines, Belgium’s national airline, has been a popular choice for travelers since its formation in 2006. With its modern fleet, extensive network of destinations, and commitment to safety and service, it’s no surprise that Brussels Airlines has become a trusted choice for travelers looking to explore Europe and beyond.

Find Your Destinations:

Brussels Airlines serves over 120 destinations worldwide, including popular European cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, and Rome. It also operates flights to cities in Africa, North America, and Asia. Its main hub is located at Brussels Airport, which is conveniently located just 12 km from the city center.


Brussels Airlines operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft, including Airbus A319, A320, A330, and A340 planes. Its A319 and A320 planes are used primarily for short-haul flights, while the A330 and A340 planes are used for long-haul flights. Brussels Airlines has also ordered 7 Airbus A320neo planes, which are expected to join the fleet in 2023.



Brussels Airlines offers a range of services to its passengers, including economy, premium economy, and business class seats. Passengers in business class have access to a dedicated check-in area, priority boarding, and a lounge. In-flight, passengers in business class enjoy fully flat seats, a personal entertainment system, and a complimentary menu. Passengers in premium economy and economy also have access to a personal entertainment system and a menu of snacks and drinks.

Special Features

One of the unique features of Brussels Airlines is its “Taste the World” program, which offers passengers the opportunity to enjoy meals inspired by various regions of the world. The airline also offers a “Belgian Star Chefs” program, which showcases the culinary talent of Belgium’s top chefs.

For families traveling with young children, Brussels Airlines offers a “b.family” program that includes priority boarding, child-friendly meals, and special attention from the cabin crew. The airline also offers a “b.flex” fare that allows passengers to change their travel plans free of charge.


Brussels Airlines has a strong safety record, with no major incidents or accidents since its inception. The airline is certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), which is the global benchmark for airline safety management. Additionally, Brussels Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, a global airline alliance that adheres to high safety standards.



Brussels Airlines is a reliable and well-respected airline that offers a range of services to its passengers. Its extensive network of destinations, modern fleet of aircraft, and commitment to safety and customer service make it a popular choice for travelers. Whether you’re looking to explore Europe’s cultural capitals, venture further afield, or simply enjoy a comfortable flight with excellent service, Brussels Airlines is an airline you can trust.


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