Top 5 Best VPN for Dark Web in 2024

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Best VPN for Dark Web
  • February 7, 2024
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Top 5 Best VPN for Dark Web in 2024

ExpressVPN is my favorite app for accessing the dark web. It supports Tor traffic on all of its servers, provides excellent privacy and security features, includes an ad blocker, and is the fastest VPN on the market.

🥇ExpressVPNThe best VPN for dark web in 2024 (with fast browsing speeds).
🥈NordVPNExcellent Tor browser integration (with strong security features for safe browsing).
🥉ProtonVPNSecure VPN with dedicated Tor over VPN servers and top-notch privacy features.
4Private Internet AccessSecure VPN with highly customizable apps (with the best ad blocker on the market).
5CyberGhost VPNGood for users new to VPNs + fast speeds and convenient launch automation rules.

Leak ProtectionKeeps your data hidden by blocking leaks from IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC.
RAM-only ServersYour data is wiped clean when servers restart, making it safer.
Perfect Forward SecrecyRegularly changes encryption keys, so if one is compromised, only limited data is exposed.
Threat ManagerStops ad trackers and guards against harmful websites on the dark web.
Ad BlockerStops most ads from appearing on your browser.

VPNStarting PriceTor SupportBrowse the Dark Web in Regular BrowserNumber of ConnectionsFree PlanMoney-Back Guarantee
🥇1. ExpressVPNINR560 / month
(All servers)
Up to 830 days
🥈2. NordVPNINR290 / month
(All servers)
630 days
🥉3. Proton VPNINR420 / month
(All servers)
1030 days (prorated)
4. Private Internet AccessINR180 / month
(All servers)
Unlimited30 days
5. CyberGhost VPNINR190 / month
(All servers)
7Up to 45 days
  • Choose a VPN that has good Tor support. All of the VPNs on my list support Tor over VPN connections. A few of my picks even have dedicated Tor servers that allow you to access the dark web using a regular browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
  • Pick a VPN with strong privacy and security features. I only picked VPNs that have industry-standard security features, like 256-bit AES encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and a kill switch (blocks your internet connection if your VPN connection drops, preventing accidental data leaks).
  • Get a VPN that provides high-speed connections. The Tor browser routes your connections through at least 3 servers. VPNs also slow down your connections due to the encryption process. So you want to get a VPN that has very fast speeds to offset the slowdown that comes from using Tor and a VPN together. All of the VPNs I recommend have good speeds, but ExpressVPN is the fastest.
  • Get a VPN that’s easy to use. You should only opt for VPNs that come with intuitive apps that make it simple to find and connect to a VPN server to start securely surfing the dark web.
  • Look for a VPN that offers good value. I only recommend VPNs with reasonably-priced plans, a money-back guarantee, and a minimum of 5 device connections.

Yes You Can Using a VPN with Tor makes your online stuff more private and safe. It hides what you’re up to from your internet provider and adds extra security. It also stops Tor servers from seeing your real IP address. But it might make your internet slower, and if the VPN keeps records, it could affect how private you are. So, it’s smart to pick a good VPN that keeps you safe.

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