Join the 2-Month Lingoda Sprint Challenge to Speak with Confidence!

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Lingoda Sprint

Join the 2-Month Lingoda Sprint Challenge to Speak with Confidence!

Boost Your Confidence: Join the 2-Month Lingoda Sprint Challenge and get 50% cashback

Lingoda Sprint

Lingoda Sprint

Lingoda Sprint

$538 total price

  • Number of classes: 30 classes
  • 2 Payments of : $269
  • choose your cashback: 50% or 30 class Credits
  • Try for Free: 1 Free Class

Learn all about the cashback

How much is the cashback?

Eligible customers can receive 50% of their total Lingoda Sprint or Super Sprint payment back, or even more value by opting for class credits instead of cash.

How do I earn cashback?

Attend all Lingoda Sprint and follow all rules. Find the key rules further down on this page.

Do I still get some cashback if I miss a class?

Sorry. If you miss Lingoda Sprint more than 10 minutes of a class, you won’t be eligible for any cashback.

The most important Language Sprint rules to earn cashback

To ensure success, attend all classes during the Sprint run-time, avoid missing more than 10 minutes of class, and book group classes only.

Frequently asked questions

How do i complete the language sprint and get the reward ?

Classes must be taken in the respective months of the Language Sprint, with regular classes having 15 classes in Month 1 and 15 classes in Month 2, and Super Sprint classes having 30 classes in Month 1 and 30 classes in Month 2. Classes can’t exceed the specified number during the Language Sprint runtime, and no more than one class per day.

Do i lose my class credits if don’t complete the language sprint ? 

After registering for Language Sprint, you will automatically be rolled into a monthly subscription, with unused credits retained. You can use these credits while your subscription is active, and you can easily cancel your subscription.

What if i miss the class ? 

If a class is missed due to technical issues with Lingoda, it will still count towards your Language Sprint. Once confirmed, we will refund your class credit. However, this credit can only be used after the challenge ends, and using it during the Sprint will result in no cashback eligibility. If you miss a class due to technical issues, you will not be refunded the class credit or eligible for cashback. You can continue taking Language Sprint classes and developing your language skills.

Who is my teacher? 

Language schools offer a unique learning experience where students can choose their preferred teacher(s) from a large pool of classes on the class booking page, allowing them to preview the lesson before booking their spot.

Will there be classes suits to my timetable ? 

We offer 24/7 classes, but we recommend booking at least 7 days in advance to ensure you receive the desired class.

Can i cancel, change or pause my subscription?

Language Sprint allows users to cancel their subscription within 14 days of signing up and receive a refund of paid fees, but after 14 days, cancellation and refunds are non-existent and cannot be paused.

can i participate in the free trial before participating in the language sprint ?

Yes, you can. However, you must use all your trial credits and cancel the trial before it rolls into a monthly subscription. Otherwise, you will be charged for the month. Plus, this will be considered an active subscription, and you won’t be eligible to sign up for the Language Sprint.

Is there an age limit on attending classes with lingoda ?

Lingoda classes are exclusively for students aged 18 and above

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