Lingoda Sprint Challenge Speak with Confidence in 2 months

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Lingoda Sprint

Lingoda Sprint Challenge Speak with Confidence in 2 months

Speak with Confidence and Earn 50% Cashback with Lingoda Sprint Challenge!

  • Live Zoom classes available 24/7
  • Stay committed and make quick progress
  • Be rewarded for completing the challenge

What is the Language Sprint?

  • 2-month learning challenge, Set yourself up to win with the Lingoda Sprint : 15 classes/month or the Super Sprint: 30 classes/month.
  • Native-level teachers, Learn from professional language teachers in live Zoom-classes. Practise speaking and get individual feedback.
  • Get rewarded for your commitment, Finish the Language Sprint and follow all rules to earn 50% of your money back, or even more as class credits!

Lingoda Sprint

Languages you can learn

German, English, business english, french, Spanish

Lingoda Sprint

Frequently asked Question?

How do i complete the language sprint and get a reward?

All classes must be taken in the respective months of the Language Sprint: For regular Sprint: 15 classes in Month 1 and 15 classes in Month 2.For Super Sprint: 30 classes in Month 1 and 30 classes in Month 2.You can’t take more classes than stated above during the Language Sprint runtime. You also can’t take more than 1 class a day for Sprint and Super Sprint and not more than 5 classes per week for the Sprint.

Can i cancel , change or pause my subscription?

During the Lingoda Sprint Language , you can cancel your subscription within 14 days of signing up and receive a refund of the fees paid. After 14 days, it is no longer possible to cancel and get a refund. The Language Sprint cannot be paused.

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